Help us in our mission to ensure that children learn the value of a balanced diet.

We need you help now more than ever. Given the worldwide pandemic circumstances, both our restaurant and our catering service are temorarily closed.

If you want to keeping helping us, instead of making a reservation, we are accepting donations and appreciate whatever you can spare.  


Only 17/6% of children hit their recommended target of 5 fruit and vegetables a day, according to the Ministerio Nacional de Salud (2012), and Argentina still has the highest rate of obesity among children of 0-5 years in Latin America.

Up to this day we have been able to host workshops in 7 different neighbourhoods, in different kitchens. Now we are going to host the workshops in a children’s home, where families can also take part. It is important to me because a nutritious diet makes you feel good, and you can work better. Everything comes from the belly.

What they put on the table was pure sugar, at, salt and flour. It is food, but it is not nourishment,” she commented. And contrary to popular belief, healthy eating isn’t expensive.

a self-financed


Our workshops are financed directly by the profits of our catering service and restaurant that functions behind “closed doors”. 

With you donations, you help us to buy the materials that we need: the booklets for each child that takes part in the workshops, pots and pans that we use to cook, ingredients and raw materials. 

These are the tools that we need to reach our goals in the workshops. Our mission is to self-finance everything with the earnings from our restaurant and catering service, but with your help, we can bring MORE workshops to MORE children. 



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